Night vision glasses are types of glasses that can be worn during darkness or at night. They are designed in a way that they allow you to see things at night using the amount of light that comes from the darkness. Many people have wondered how these glasses for night vision work or what is the principle behind their functioning and how much do they cost or where they can find one for themselves. This and many other concepts are going to be discussed in this article. Many movies have used the illustration of these principles. Also some documentary of animals being captured at night has a part that shows the use of this principle of night vision driving glasses. The name night vision glasses illustrates the work of the glasses, in other words the glasses are used to help you see things at night.

How do night vision glasses work?

This question “how do night vision glasses work?” can be answered after we have a clearly understood about light energy. The energy stored in a light waves is inversely comparative to the wave of the light. The shorter the length of the wave the higher is its energy. An example is in the spectrum of visible light, violet which has thee shortest wave length has higher light energy than red which contain the longest wave length and as a result has the lowest amount of energy. Infrared spectrum which is next to light spectrum has a wave length that ranges from 0.7 to 1.3 microns, while the mid infrared wavelength ranges from 1.3-3 microns and thermal infrared ranges from 3-30 microns. Among these, the thermal infrared unlike the others which are reflected light is a discharged light. This difference is as a result of the excitation of electronics at the atomic level. The thermal imaging technique used in the principle of the night vision glasses uses the thermal infrared for the process. Any night vision tool may comprise of a camera, binoculars, goggles as wells as night vision scopes. The glasses for night vision use two types of methods for its functioning. These are the thermal imaging and the image enhancement to reduce night glare. To help us full understand how night vision glasses work we will need to have a deep understanding of these two techniques that are used to facilitate the functioning of the glasses for night vision.

Thermal imaging

Nearly all the objects found around discharge some certain percentages of thermal infrared. The energy discharged is assembled by a special pair of lens that concentrates the thermal infrared. The light that has been concentrated is then scanned by an instrument called the infrared detector component which develops a sequence of the light referred to as thermogram. The duration taken in the process of developing the thermogram is about 1/30th of a second. Then the developed thermogram is changed into electric pulses which are lead to the signal processing unit that has a circuit board fitted with a chip that changes the electric pulse into visual data. After all this the signal processing unit transfers the data to the display for the purpose of image formation. The strength of the discharged infrared determines the quality of the image to be formed.

Image enhancement

This is the second technique that is used in the principle of night vision glasses. In this method, the infrared rays are trapped by the convectional lens. After all the light has been concentrated together, it is then taken into an image intensifier tube. The power that is used by the image intensifier tube comes from the 2 N-cells and 2AA batteries. About 5000 volts needed to be used by the image intensifier tube.  The tube comprises of a photocathode which is responsible for the transformation of proton to mobile electrons.  This electrons are then lead via the tube and they emit more electrons (this electrons are discharged by microchannels in the tube).

What are microchannels and how do they work in night vision glasses?

Microchannels are found in the image intensifier tube. They are very small in nature and have several tiny holes that can hardly be seen by naked eyes. Its main work is to multiple the electrons so that they become as many as possible. The microchannels are manufactured using fiber optic technology.  Whenever a moving electron collides with the electrodes of the microchannels, the electrodes of the microchannels burst into voltage that causes the motion of the moving electron to be increase rapidly. At the far end of the imaging intensifier tube, the electrons strike a screen coated with phosphor. The coalition enables an image of the object to be developed because the electrons are in an arrangement just like the arrangement of the original photon. The phosphorous screening enables one to see a green image when viewing through a night vision glass.

Uses of HD Night Vision Glasses

Glasses for night vision have a number of uses. They are used in the different field by different experts for different functions. Some of the function of night vision includes;

1. They are used in the military and by the law enforcements team like the FBI, polices etc,
2. They are also used by hunter at night to hunt for animals especially when the animals are a sleep.
3. Some tourists use the night vision glasses to view animal at night in the game reserves.
4. used in the survey exercise
5. Also used in the navigation especially by pilots and captain at night.
6. They are used for security purpose by trained solders or private agents to trace criminals
7. Also some are used for entertainment especially in viewing the sky at night.
8. When you want to fish at night, glasses for night vision are the best as compared to the torch, lamps or any other source of light.
9. Children who wish to play hide and seek at night can use the night vision which is much better than flashlight.

However these and many other functions are not the main functions as to why the tool was designed. The night vision goggles were initially created by the military so as to give a man made illumination in the dark thus assisting them during war. But in the recent years many people have come up with many ideas of how to use the glasses for night vision for other use apart from its main use. You can make your own night vision glasses but it will not be of quality as that which is developed by manufacturers.

For those of you who have been motivated by movies that showed the actors using glasses for night vision and you are thinking of buying one, don’t lose hope, you can still buy this tools at a cheaper price of below $50. This however is not to be used for the major purpose as navigation or targeting an enemy as they are only for home use. If you want a special night vision glasses it will cost you higher than the $50. There are some websites like the Amazon which offer to sell the glasses for night vision at a cheaper price. These night vision glasses sold at a cheaper price in these sites are not as advanced as those that will be sold at a much higher price. This should not bother you if you are looking for night vision glasses for leisure purpose.