Why are so many committing suicide? ANSWER: Because their vision is permanently destroyed and looks like this. Notice how the letters and text are blurred and distorted? This is how 10000+ Americans now see after having LASIK. The LASIK Doctors say they are a success since they no longer require correction to be able to function. PROBLEM IS: After having LASIK, you can no longer get the visual acuity and clarity that you had prior to LASIK that you enjoyed with contacts or glasses. There is no turning back as this procedure is irreversible and is destroying lives and families. People are committing suicide and losing jobs because there vision is destroyed. People can’t sleep at night because of the #1 side effect: Dry Eye Syndrome. One person tells me weekly that they are scared to go to sleep or wake up, because when they do their eyes are so dry that their eye lid peels off the outer portion of their epithelium of their eye and then burns for days and they can’t find anyone to fix this Dry Eye issue. That is why you will see at the pharmacy, so many “rewetting drops” for post LASIK. Go there and poof, there is your proof! Don’t do it! thelasikflap.com Many patients have committed suicide from having Lasik Eye Surgery. You may be next! Google: lasik suicide, lasikflap, lifeafterlasik, lasik disaster, Tiger Woods ex girlfriend ruined from Lasik, Lasik Doctors Lie Cheat And Steal to make a living ALL AT YOUR EXPENSE. Please don’t have Lasik Eye Surgery. You’ve been warned

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