I have eyeglass prescription from almost 3 yrs, for little blurry vision (-0.25 left eye -0.5 right eye). I seldom used glasses, because it is such a small number, and traditional frames are uncomfortable a lot.

Yesterday I again got my eyesight checked, eyesight is still the same, no change, thanks God! but I asked doctor about my discomfort with normal frames. He advised larger frames, with photochrome lenses.

I asked optician, he advised to use sunglass (goggle) (with tinted fibre lenses) type frames will be most comfortable (covers side vision also), for a large faced person like me. I ordered one. But it is not photo chrome, but has permanent dark blue tint. He said can be worn contently, day and night.

is it safe to wear powered goggles constantly? or will such practice harm me in long term?
I do not see people using powered goggles. if someone has eyesight problem, he goes for normal clear glasses or vision correction surgery or contact lens (not possible in my case and very uncomfortable).

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