After stopping off at Felicia and Lucas’s place so Jenna could get some things, Lorna and Jenna set out in Lorna’s car, with Lorna driving, to find Felicia. Lorna asks Jenna to get her sunglasses from her bag; they’re real prescription glasses and she needs them for driving. Jenna is surprised, but retrieves the glasses and gives them to Lorna. Then she stares at Lorna until Lorna asks why she’s staring. Jenna replies that Lorna doesn’t look like herself. Lorna says that she’s human just like everybody else. Jenna says maybe, Jenna guesses they’ll see. Lorna swerves to avoid cutting into the lane of oncoming traffic, and Jenna yells at her to be careful. Lorna apologizes and says she’s trying. Jenna asks when Lorna last drove a car. Lorna says it’s been a couple of weeks or something, but just because Lorna is used to limos doesn’t mean she can’t drive. She tells Jenna to relax, and Jenna says okay. After a moment, Jenna says she can’t believe she and Lorna are driving around in the middle of the night looking for Felicia because somebody shot and killed Lucas. She asks Lorna who would want to hurt Lucas. Lorna doesn’t answer, but swerves to avoid traffic again. When Jenna screams that Lorna could have killed them both, Lorna says she’s pulling over now, and she does. When the car is stopped, the sisters scream at each other, with Jenna asking what Lorna was thinking, and Lorna saying that she didn’t think the other car was that close. Lorna takes off her glasses and

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