He has to wear eyeglasses all of the time except when he goes to bed at night or when he showers. (It’s been this way since he was in the second grade.)

This is his first year playing football and he’s so excited! We have his yearly eye exam set up for this Wednesday and I’m wondering what to expect as far as what kind of eyewear is available to a kid like him who loves the idea of playing a contact sport like football but will have to wear something besides the typical pair of eyeglasses to be able to see at 100%.

He has played baseball for years and wore his normal eyeglasses for that, I never inquired about any other option.

I have luckily never had to deal with eye/vision problems myself growing up and nobody on my side of the family has either, so I don’t know what to look and ask for in regards to our son.

Has anyone else out there had to deal with this kind of situation? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE!
One of his eye problems/diagnosis a few years back was astigmatism. I know each year we have went back for the exam to this same eye doctor, his prescription had to be stronger and thus a NEW LENSES PURCHASE ($$$) for our son.

The doctor says that this is completely normal while he’s growing and getting older. I worry that he’ll lose his vision entirely at the rate he’s supposedly going before he gets to be of adult age.

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