I got these new pair of eyeglasses at the beginning of the summer, but from the very beginning noticed an issue with them. I had been up to that point simply using contacts – almost 24-7 – and was eager to get a new pair of glasses for around-the-home and night-time use, as my old glasses were years behind my current vision impairment.

The problem is that, while they make my vision extremely sharp, they also ‘bend’ every vertical* and horizontal line that does not enter my vision from the direct center – creating an elliptical distortion of my vision – which gives me an enormous headache just seconds after looking through them. They are also quite a bit thicker than expected – just about as thick as my mother’s, even though her prescription is much greater than mine. (*I have a slight astigmatism in my left eye – which is usually corrected by my contacts – but this distortion is far worse, and in both eyes, and with even horizontal lines – which I’ve never had a problem with.)

This is where my current conundrum lies…
It has been almost 4 months since I’ve gotten the glasses. I haven’t really had a chance to take them back, and for a short while completely forgot about them simply reverting back to my contact-only routine. Will I still be able to go back and have the lenses fixed (or rather ‘replaced’) without having to pay another exorbitant amount of money?
The doctor was correct in his diagnosis and prescription, as that very prescription is used with my contacts – which, as I mentioned, work perfectly.

It was probably some idiotic lab technician who clumsily punched in the wrong figures into the computer – which does all the parabolic math anyway. Just as pharmacists have become indolent with new technologies making their work into nothing more than measuring, so too have those who make medical equipment.
I am accustom to glasses as well, and I can tell you that this distortion is very far from what is to expect.

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